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It has occurred to a bunch of writers here at Klat that the Superbowl involves entire families, and sometimes even whole neighborhoods. There are family reunions, tailgate parties, bar meetups, careful travel plans for those lucky few with stadium tickets. Even for people who might not watch another football game all year, the Superbowl is an annual rite and community event, complete with all sorts of nostalgia about past games and players, as well as current news and gossip about the teams and players in this year's game. This year, the 45th, it's the Pittsburgh Steelers vs the Green Bay Packers, in Dallas. So come plan your own Superbowl bash, here with us, this year. We thought we'd make this blog our central Klat Community space for information and discussion about all things Superbowl. Who's playing, who's not, what's cooking, the best way to plan a tail gate party, and everything else you need to thoroughly prepare for Superbowl XLV.